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How do men see the perfect escort?

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Every man has different ideas about how the perfect woman must be. Perfection, as a term, refers to subjective opinions which one has about something or someone. Still, men tend to choose high-class escorts instead of dating some other types of women, mostly because they consider the first category the closest one to perfection. That doesn’t mean they don’t have certain preferences when it comes to booking the escort to spend the night with. Let’s see in the following how do men see the perfect escort:

She has to be extremely beautiful

Whether you believe it or not, most men are crazy about natural women. Even though nowadays women tend to improve “their natural looks”, natural fits you more. When it comes to beauty preferences, men prefer voluptuous forms and long-haired women. And what men isn’t attracted to beautiful women?

She has to be toned

Nothing can be compared to a beautiful woman with a toned body, isn’t it? As you may already know, men consider a toned woman as irresistible. Therefore, when they choose the perfect escort to spend their night with, they always look at how hot she is. If you work in the sex industry, then you should consider practicing sports in order to keep in a good shape for your clients.

She has to be intelligent

Even though at first sight men look at physical appearance, they simply love smart women. Not all men who book escorts are interested in having sex with them, they also need a travel companion or a feminine figure by their side at a certain event, party or meeting. Therefore, the woman who gets to date a man like this, must be capable to discuss about numerously subjects such as history, economics, geography and also must know how to behave in certain circumstances.

She has to be a great listener

Some men tend to book high-class escorts mainly because they need someone to talk with. Some just want to combat loneliness and others just want a little escape from their relationship or marriage.

It often happens, especially when it comes to a long-term relationship, that the male partner to feel the need of some change. When meeting an escort, he doesn’t really cheat his life partner.

She has to be a tiger under the bed sheets

            One of the most popular reasons which make a man book a high-class escort is the need of fulfilling his fantasies. Not all men feel comfortable to do certain sexual things with their wives, girlfriends or life partners. Therefore, they book an escort who meets up his standards and live the moment in her companionship.

A high-class escort should please her clients in the most unique ways, offering them the opportunity to see their most hidden dreams come true.


Do you consider yourself as being the perfect escort?

Do high-class escorts have role models?

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Many women admire escorts for their beauty, intelligence and charm. But do high-class escorts have role models in their life? The answer is definitely yes. If you are eager to find out more about this subject, then read the following lines:

Oprah Winfrey

As you may already know, Oprah is one of the most successful television figures in the world. This celebrity star has been through many difficult times in her childhood, but she had the strength to move on and to follow her dreams. Nowadays, she sets a great example for women in the whole world.

There are many high-class escorts who admire Oprah Winfrey for her capacity to ignore the bad moments she had to live in her life, to learn from her mistakes and to never loose ambition. Escorts have different backgrounds and there are many of them who had a rough childhood too. Having Oprah as a role model had helped them struggle and aspire to a better life.

Marilyn Monroe

There is more than a half-century after she had passed away and Marilyn Monroe remains a symbol of beauty not only in America, but everywhere else as well. There are plenty of reasons which make Monroe a perfect role model for every woman in this world, such as: she is considered a survivor, she called all the shots in her entire career, she was more than a great actress, she wasn’t for the money, she supported equal rights for all and she remained a kindhearted person.

High-class escorts consider Marilyn Monroe the number one role model not only for her natural beauty and great looks, but also for her successful existence. Like many other women, Marilyn had a troubled childhood and a tumultuous life. However, she reached success and she proved she was capable of doing some great things. What can be not to admire at her? These aspects mentioned before are the very qualities that make anyone a great role model.

Grace Kelly

A real princess, Grace Kelly reached fame and success on her own. Despite her fame, she was considered a “royal model for modesty”. At a certain point in her career, she was one of the highest paid and most respected actresses in her branch and in the entire world.

Her on-screen beauty and self-confidence had enchanted the world, and her serenity as a real princess piqued all media’s attention. Of this attention, she remarked with typical humor and grace, proving that her name suited her perfectly. All escorts aspire to be graceful, successful and to achieve a certain position in society. But, more important, what woman doesn’t dream to be a princess?

As you may see for yourself, high-class escorts have some impressive role models. There are many different types of role models, but they are not determined by certain criteria. Do you have a role model?